Course Introduction

In order to provide customers with excellent customer support, you need to identify the most important KPIs for your contact center and strive to improve them. However, there are really a lot of different KPIs in the contact center industry from standard ones to specific ones, so how do you select the right ones for your business? During this course, you’ll learn about the top inbound contact center KPIs, and how you can measure and improve them.

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Course Agenda

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      During this course, you’ll learn about the top inbound contact center KPIs, and how you can measure and improve them.
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      Chapter :

      Top Contact Center KPIs

      See the list of most important contact center KPIs in order of importance ranked by 136 contact center supervisors and managers!
    • 3
      Chapter :

      Average Handling Time

      Learn about what Average Handling Time is and how you can reduce it in your contact center!
    • 4
      Chapter :

      First Call Resolution

      Learn about first call resolution and how you can efficiently measure it!
    • 5
      Chapter :

      Customer Satisfation

      Let’s take a look at why customer satisfaction is one of the most important KPIs in your contact center!
    • 6
      Chapter :

      Abandoned Call Rate

      Learn about how you can calculate your abandoned call rate in your contact center!
    • 7
      Chapter :

      Service Level

      In this chapter, you’ll learn about the industry standard of service level for inbound calls, emails, live chat, letters, and SMS.
    • 8
      Chapter :

      Average Speed of Answer

      Learn about what Average Speed of Answer is, and how you can measure it in your contact center!
    • 9
      Chapter :

      Wrap up time

      Let’s see in this chapter what Wrap Up Time is and how you can reduce this KPI!
    • 10
      Chapter :

      Agent Utilization

      Learn about Occupancy or Agent Utilisation and why it is an important inbound KPI in your contact center!
    • 11
      Chapter :


      This chapter sums up what you have learned during this course.
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      Chapter :

      Course Summary

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Meet Your Instructor

Attila Kendefi

Contact Center Expert

Attila Kendefi is a Contact Center Expert with more than 20 years of experience in the industry. Starting his career as an agent, he was soon promoted to supervisor, and then, to contact center manager. Working in an outsourced contact center, Attila has gained extensive experience in running a wide range of outbound and inbound projects. Aside from being an instructor at VCC Live Academy, he also provides consulting services to business leaders about how to improve the performance of a contact center.